Previously Approved Plan To Now Add Hotel & Open Space

by | May 20, 2020 | City of Corona

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  • @UpzoneSoCal

The Corona City Council recently approved a General Plan Amendment and Specific Plan Amendment in support of the Bedford Marketplace, marking a major step forward for the proposed project. 

The approved amendments will increase the amount of commercial uses to approximately 134,378 square feet, increase the amount of designated open space by approximately 6.21 acres and add a 135-room hotel. 

The new approved amendments will be combined with the previously approved Arantine Hills Specific Plan, which allowed for up to a maximum of 1,806 dwelling units and 80,000 square feet of commercial uses. 

The proposed development will be located in the Arantine Hills/Cajalco district of Corona, south of the Eagle Glen Parkway. 

The project site is currently owned by the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC), but is in the process of being acquired by the project applicant Guardian Capital

The actual proposed Bedford Marketplace development and associated parcel map is expected to be approved by the Corona City Council at a later date.